Solenoid Shell Assembly Sub-Sea Warfare Alloy 49
Rotor Assembly Oil and Gas Exploration 316 Stainless Steel
Rotor Shaft Oil and Gas Exploration Inconel 625
Enclosure Electrophysiology Test Equipment Extruded Aluminum 6061 Aluminum Plate
Enclosure Laser Engraving Equipment Aluminum - Powder Coated
Hysteresis rods NASA Satellite Alloy - 49
Carrier Yig Oscillator German Silver
Miscellaneous Parts Oxygen Delivery System 17-4 Stainless Steel
Circuit Yig Filter German Silver (this part has channels .004” wide)
Filter Enclosures Consumer Electronics 304 Stainless Steel
Gold Platted Lids Yig Oscillators Alloy - 49
Heater Blocks Yig Filters 360 Brass
Miscellaneous Parts Laser Engraving Equipment Aluminum
Anode and Cathode Plates Fuel Cell Technology 7075 Aluminum
Miscellaneous Parts Anodized Various Colors Aluminum
Magnet Housing Test Equipment Magnetic Iron ASTM A848
Magnet Cores Sensors / Aerospace Alloy 49
Fusee Gas Extraction 6061 Aluminum
Misc. R&D Parts Education / Research Alloy 49
Synthesizer Chassis Microwave / Wireless Test Equipment Nickel Plated Aluminum
Circuit Yig Filter Gold Plated Ultem 1000
Filter Components Microwave Test Equipment Alloy 49
Oscilator Components Microwave Test Equipment Alloy 49
Bushing High - End Casters Nylon
Miscellaneous Parts Black Anodized Aluminum
Filter Assembly Test Equipment Silver Plated Aluminum
Isolator Housings RF / Microwave Component Nickel Plated 316 Stainless
Rocket Thrust Chamber Defense Inconel 625
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